Friday, August 22, 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014

Open Source Learning

Cesilio Sanchez

Dr. Preston

Expository Composition

June 2, 2014

Open Source Learning
            We were always told, “Do what they do in school and you’ll have a good job”, today, students are slowly changing this saying in a more creative, collaborative, and free environment. In Dr. Preston’s class of Expository reading and writing, we change the way the game is played and found new things to learn and new ways to learn. We, as a class, have collaborated and used technological resources to our advantage, using our peers and the world web to help us help them understand what we are trying to do. This class has open my mind to see that we don’t have to learn by the old fashioned textbook system, but that we have bigger doors that have yet to be open and they’re at a click of a button or sitting right next to you. This class has given me new opportunities to not only go to the teacher but to reach out to nearly anyone in the world for help when I need it.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cal Poly SLO: Architecture

Last week on Wednesday April 16, a few students that were interested in architecture/engineering and I were invited from Dr.Preston to join an Architecture class at Cal poly SLO taught by Mark Cabrinha . Just arriving there was fun because we had no idea where exactly we needed to be. We walked all around campus asking several people for help and when we finally got there, we were 30 or more mins late. We started by talking about what we, from Righetti, do in school and specifically Dr. Preston's class. Something interesting from that class was their table. They had a white table in the middle of the class were they could write anything down and erase it later. Something interesting from the students was how they saw that classroom like another home because they spent many hours there working. No Offense, but I think it was more exciting when Dr. Preston had to leave because of his daughter. We had a "potluck" right after and Mark told us to split into groups where a group had one person from Righetti to talk to. The group's assignment was to brainstorm a high school that kids actually wanted to be at. I was in a group with four other people, all girls, and they were very intelligent, I'm sorry I can't remember their name.
Anyway, We started by talking about what I see would make a perfect high school. I told them that in order to know what would make students and teachers want to stay in school was the way they think and interact. We talked about the social barriers in school and how most people don't notice the other side of campus. All this led to an off topic conversation about life and they actually made me think over my major, I don't know I thing they might just have changed my future. One of the last things we did was present are discussions to the rest of the class and received feedback from Mark. We wrote our contacts on their table and then left. I think this was the closest I've been to my dream Job that I don't know what it is yet. Overall the people their were extremely generous and intelligent, they are a great family and I can't wait to talk to them again.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

S' Wonderful


Look at my Brain

I like the thing I do, I like looking at things and wondering how they work and if I can figure out a way to take it apart and put it back together. I think that I think in a way where everything has to have a mystery to it. If it gets you wondering then it is something worth getting into. For example, I like playing with Rubik's cubes because it has a lot of mystery, I can do a 3x3, a 2x2, an oddly shape one that I don't even know what it is, they are puzzles that I love to solve over and over again. I want to learn more and see how one day it was the hardest thing in the world. I don't learn by myself, well not at first. When I started to learn how to solve my first Rubik's cube, I looked up videos and followed every direction to get my cube back to perfect. I was scared I was never going to learn how to solve it. Now I learned the "Rubik's cube language and got to the point where I not just try to solve it but to do it with time. I think this a good way to test out and build your creativity.

Monday, March 31, 2014


It is important to draw visitors to my site because it help people know the ideas I'm trying to get out there. People help other people spread ideas and get them more popular, it is a way of expanding. It is also helpful in the way that they might take something away from it or leave something for me. I feel that I haven't really tried to get an audience attention by any means. I know that their help would be great but I don't know how to start. I feel that the first step to solve this problem would be to Write more than I do and write more valuable content. Then, maybe start posting links of my site on other types of social media like facebook or Twitter, after just go with the groove. In general, I think that the human interaction and exchanging of ideas is more important than digital tools. Digital tool are supposed to help you get to those human interactions and be able to exchange ideas faster than without them. I think it gives more value and you get more out of it.